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Microblading is a cutting edge method of permanent makeup designed to enhance or correct the esthetic appearance of the eyebrows. A licensed and certified artist carries out the procedure using a special hand held tool consisting of very fine needle groupings lined up to create a blade. With gentle pressure these blades etch tiny hair like slits into the upper dermal layer of the skin. High quality pigments are then inserted, creating the illusion of full and perfectly shaped beautiful eyebrows.



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Microblading is one of the hottest trends in beauty today and it is ideal for anyone 18 years of age or older wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows, especially for those with little to no hair.  Unlike traditional machine applied permanent makeup, microblading is applied manually by using a tool to tattoo fine eyebrow like hairs into your own eyebrows, creating the appearance of the full, perfectly shaped eyebrows you’ve always wanted!  When performed correctly by a qualified microblading artist, it is difficult to tell the difference between your real hairs and the microbladed strokes.


Powder & Ombre Brows

Powder/ombre brow is a relatively new tattoo eyebrow enhancement which implements a hand held tool or machine with sterile needles to lightly puncture thousands of tiny dots in the brow area. The needles implant high quality pigments into the dermal layer in the skin, leaving behind an airy shadow similar to a soft make up application. With the “ombre” effect, the tail of the brow is a bit darker than the bulb and the edges gradually fade out instead of having a sharp distinct line as seen in permanent brow tattoos from the past.


Permanent Eyeliner

For those wanting to be able to wake up with eye makeup, Angela now offers permanent eyeliner services. Permanent eyeliner is carried out using a slim electric or manual hand held device with various configurations of tiny needles to gently deposit high quality pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin near the lash line of the eyes creating a long lasting make up like effect. This service is great for those who hate to leave the house without eyeliner on, those who have sensitivities to eye make up, contact users, shaken hands, poor eyesight and those who’s eyeliner tends to run causing the dreaded raccoon eye.


LI-FT Tattoo Removal

A procedure to lighten/remove any type of pigment implanted into the skin such as old discolored cosmetic and small body art tattoos. It can even remove pen ink. After the proper amount of removal/lightening is achieved you may get new work over the top.

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Angela Caminata

Hey there, I’m Angela Caminata of AMC Artistry, the permanent make-up specialist located inside Unique Reflections hair studio in Johnson Creek.

Are you tired of penciling in those sparse or non existent eyebrows? For once, would you like to look in the mirror first thing in the morning and not feel like your missing something? Go to the beach or pool and not dread getting your face wet for fear your penciled brows will drip down your cheeks? Well you came to the right place!

Since I was introduced to the art of microblading, brows have been some what of an obsession of mine! I have taken multiple courses and spent countless hours to perfect my craft as I feel you deserve nothing but the best.

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