Want to get rid of old tattoos? At AMC Artistry we use LI-FT Tattoo Removal. LI-FT Tattoo Removal is a safe and highly effective pigment lightening solution that can tackle any pigment color on any skin color. LI-FT is unique to other methods as it uses a specialized formula of saline, salt and fruit extracts. When applied under the skin it lifts pigment out of the underlying tissues. Most of the pigment will be released in the days following a treatment through an external scab; however, some of the particles will be absorbed and irradiated throughout the body’s immune system.

LI-FT Tattoo Removal is safe enough to remove areas as delicate as the eye, lip and eyebrow areas. Since LI-FT uses saline rather than laser force it is also effective on all skin types including dark skin types which can be difficult for some lasers. In most cases no scar tissue is left, and the skin appears to be healthy and can be tattooed again if desired.

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